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Mr. Woodall specializes in realistic training for children who are being bullied and adults who desire reality-based self-defense training. 

Mr. Woodall is our leading expert in sexual assault prevention and education. Woodall's is proud to be the trusted self-defense program used by Peace for Families and WEAVE. These two agencies are not only the largest but also the most respected agencies in our local community for their work with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. When you consider that there are well over one hundred martial arts schools listed throughout Placer and Sacramento county it is truly an honor for Woodall's self-defense to be their program of choice.
“Woodall’s is revolutionizing the way we think about personal safety”

The purpose of this web site is to serve a dual role by providing information about our school while also supplying educational information for anyone looking to expand their understanding of realistic self-defense. Consequently, we are often asked about the difference between martial arts and self-defense. For information on how to make an informed decision on whether or not you will learn realistic life saving skills from any particular school that you are looking into please click on the how to choose a self-defense instructor link below.

If you would like to sign up for a free introductory course please fill out this form and Mr.Woodall or one of our staff will contact you.

If you have further questions about the information on this web site please call 916-660-9311 or email: info@fit4defense.com.

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